Best Beaches of Florida

Because of its long coastline, Florida is home to a large number of beautiful beaches.  That is one of the main reasons that Florida has such a wide variety of popular vacation destinations.  The state of Florida’s extensive coastline features some of the most stunningly gorgeous beaches on the planet.  These variety of these beaches offer everything from the calm soothing waters of the gulf coast to the highly surfed waves of the east Atlantic coastline.


Apart from the beaches themselves, there are a wide variety of activities available regardless of your vacation.  Scuba diving is great for those who want to experience the wonder that is hidden beneath the oceans mysterious depths.  If you are just wanting to stick your head in the water for a brief peak of  life in the shallow waters snorkeling is also a fun activity to consider.  For those who prefer staying dry there are always glass bottom boat tours that give you a peak at what lies beneath the waters below. 


Whether you like boating, wakeboarding, boogie boarding, surfing, fishing, jet skiing, or just want some simple rest and relaxation while soaking up that Florida sun, there are a great number of options available for people looking for fun things to do at the beach.  There are also many different theme parks and attractions that are never very far from the roar of the ocean. 


We have compiled a brief list of what we consider to be the top beach areas of Florida’s marvelous coastline.  You will be provided with the information that you need to help you decide your destinations easily and quickly without having to scour the internet looking for bits and pieces of relevant information.  Everything that is relevant to Florida’s best beaches is right here neatly summarized for your convenience.


Bradenton Beach


bradenton beach floridaSituated along the gorgeously serene waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the beautiful blue waters of Tampa Bay, the Bradenton area is encircled by countless bodies and streams of water freshwater as well as saltwater.  It is an extremely beautiful area with over twenty miles of expansive and marvelously stunning beaches.  Within and around the area of Bradenton there are plenty of places that are perfect for those who like the water and you can swim, fish , or boat to your heart’s content.  Bradenton is the ideal place for those who are looking for a little water related recreation and fun.


Clearwater Beach


Clearwater Beach is a beautiful beach that also has beaches of equivalent beauty located both to the north and to the south.  This centralized location makes Clearwater Beach the perfect vacation spot.  There is something for everyone in the Clearwater area. If you are wanting a lot of active fun and adventure there are plenty of beaches and activities for you.  For those who are looking to relax and bask the peaceful, sun-soaked serenity of a quiet beach vacation, there are also calm and tranquil beaches. 


The city of Clearwater is linked to Clearwater Beach by an easily accessible land bridge that is wonderfully landscaped.  This beautiful barrier island beach can be easily reached by the convenient pedestrian and bicycle paths.  Once your are here you have access to a long stretch of beautiful barrier islands that have a seemingly endless stretch of marvelously, pristine white sand beaches that line the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 


There are a vast myriad of fun activities available to you in Clearwater.  There are party boats and rental boats available for a wide variety of uses including fishing as well as charter boats.  There are many other fun activities available to those with an adventurous spirit including parasailing, fishing trips (both full-day and half-day), and dolphin watching.


Daytona Beach


Located in east central Florida, Daytona beach is an extremely popular tourist spot and there are many good reasons for that.  The twenty-three mile long five-hundred feet wide beach of densely packed sand makes Daytona beach perfect for driving vehicles on.  This is why it was used for car racing in the early days of the automobile.  Daytona beach is extremely crowded during the summer months and quiet and relaxing during the winter. 

daytona beach ocean florida 

Comprised of a number of smaller beach communities that come together to form a veritable seaside park that is full of a wide variety of fun attractions and activities for the whole family.  This collection of beach communities begins with Ormond-by-the-Sea to the north and Ponce Inlet to the south.  If you prefer white sandy beaches, New Smyrna Beach located next to Titusville, just south of Daytona is a very nice private beach.  Also, those who like lighthouses should be sure to visit Ponce de Leon Inlet.


Fort Lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale beachThe Fort Lauderdale area boasts miles and miles of gorgeous beaches that are beautifully  lined with palm trees.  This area also has a wide variety of streams and waterways making it a great place for those who love the water.  There are over one hundred canals and navigable streams of water that run into the residential districts.  Some restaurants are even equipped to accommodate people who are traveling by boat.


Fort Lauderdale is bustling with attractions and activities that will satisfy those who are looking for excitement as well as those who just looking for a little rest and relaxation.