Best Beaches of Kaua'i


kauai beachKauai’s name means garden isle and from the very first moment that you arrive on this wonderful island it is easy to see why it is touted by many as the most picturesque of the Hawaiian islands.  Kauai is the fourth largest island in the Hawaiian island chain.  Kauai is an island of beautiful extremes from Waimea Canyon which Mark Twain called the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” to the beautiful cascading waterfalls of the Napali Coast.

There are many beautiful natural wonders to explore on the island of Kauai and many activities to keep you busy during your stay on this wonderful and truly magical island.


We have created a very short list of the best beaches on the island of Kauai and what you can expect from them.  Whether you are looking to relax and unwind, spend a day at the beach soaking up sun and surf, or explore a beautifully natural lush garden paradise, the magical island of Kauai truly has something for everyone.



Poipu Beach


Poipu Beach is the most visited beach on Kauai’s southern shore.  The are many reasons for the popularity of Poipu Beach.  It has a calm area of natural breakwater that makes it a perfect beach for families to visit and go swimming and snorkeling with their kids.  Away from the swimming spot the ocean floor starts to gradually slope to overhead depths.  The tide is perfect for surfing and body boarding.  Whether you looking to relax in the sun or enjoy the surf, this is the perfect place to leave your cares behind and escape from all of everyday life’s cares and worries.



Ke’e Beach


ke'e beachLocated on Kauai’s northern shore between the Napali coast and Limahuli Stream, Ke’e beach is known for its beautifully picturesque sunsets.  The crystal clear waters of the reef lagoon make it the perfect place for those who are wanting to snorkel.  With its clear blue waters and lush vegetation, Ke’e Beach is the definitive tropic beach paradise.  If you love to go snorkeling and are wanting to relax and enjoy one of the natural wonders of the south pacific then you should definitely pay Ke’e beach a visit.




Hanalei Bay Beach


The fantastic views from Hanalei Bay help to create what could possibly be the most beautiful backdrop of all of the Hawaiian beaches.  The island of Kauai’s biggest bay, Hanalei Bay Beach is accentuated by a dream world setting of amazingly beautiful waterfalls and lush green mountains that are draped in mist and tower far into the skies above.  There are huge coral reefs that are situated at either end of the bay and Hanalei Beach itself is two miles in length.


If you are looking for aquatic adventures then Hanalei Bay most certainly has something to offer you.  There are many activities available for those who like boating, kayaking, surfing, or are simply looking to get their feet wet.  Hanalei Bay has a little something to offer everyone, making it truly the most spectacular beach vacation destination of all.