Best Beaches of Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are home to some of the most spectacularly beautiful beaches on the entire planet.  The Hawaiian islands are a volcanically formed island chain and the ages of the islands varies greatly.  This is one of the many reasons why Hawaii has such a wide variety of different beaches to visit.  From white sand beaches to the more exotic volcanic black sand beaches, Hawaiian beaches also range from easily accessible beaches to ones that are only reachable by helicopter or aircraft that are capable of making water landings.  The ones that are listed here are all perfectly suitable for those who are looking for that for a grand beach vacation.  They have been grouped by the islands on which they are located.


Best Beaches of Maui


Maui is the second biggest island in the Hawaiian Island chain.  Because of its relatively small population, it is a very popular vacation destination.  There are plenty of fun activities for people to do on the island of Maui and wide variety of fantastically beautiful beaches to enjoy and explore.


Kapalua Bay Beach


KapaluaActually labeled “America’s Best Beach” in ’91 when it was given first place in a list of over six hundred other beaches.  Kapalua Bay beach is a very popular vacation spot with its swaying palm tress, beautiful golden sand, and the relaxing tranquility of its quiet surf.  The calm waters of this idyllic beach are perfect for those who are simply wanting to relax and are also great for families who are vacationing with young children or less-than experienced swimmers.  There are also a wide variety of water sport rental possibilities available for those who are a bit more adventurous. 


Although this beach is more ideal for those wishing to take it easy.  Kapalua Bay Beach is also a great place for vacationing families and those looking for some quiet fun in the sun and surf.



Kaanapali  Black Rock Beach


KaanapaliAlso known as Dig Me Beach, eka’a Beach, and Canoe beach, Kaanapali Beach is the ultimate beach for water sports enthusiasts.  About every kind of ocean activity you could possibly think of is on hand for those who are looking for a little adventure either above or below the waves.  Kaanapali Black Rock Beach gets its name from the huge black volcanic rock that divides the beach.


Kaanapali Black Rock Beach fronts two very beautiful resorts.  This makes for a very crowded and happening beach.  Kaanapali Beach is perfect for those who love to have plenty of activities to keep them busy.  There are plenty of restaurants, places to shop, sailing, fishing, kayaking, boat tours, and a whole host of other fun ways to spend your vacation.  If you are looking for energetic fun in the sun and surf, then Kaanapali Beach just might be the vacation destination for you.