Best Beaches of North Carolina


north carolinaThe State of North Carolina has some truly wonderful and underrated beaches.  The most beautiful of these sandy marvels are located along the region known as “The Outer Banks”.  Many of these beaches are unspoiled natural wonders that have been left untouched by commercial development.  The outer banks region boasts much history as well as an air of mystery as the site of the famous lost Colony of Sir Walter Raleigh is located on the outer banks.  If you enjoy the beauty of natural beaches and like flying kites or windsurfing then The Outer Banks of North Carolina may be the perfect beach vacation destination for you.


Duck Beach


At the very northernmost tip of The Outer Banks lies Duck Beach.  This area boasts much natural beauty and old fashioned allure.  It was originally given the name Duck Beach because of the huge population of water birds that migrated through the area in times long past.  The ducks are mostly gone but the name stuck and when you visit Duck Beach you will most likely agree that is indeed a fitting name for such a charmingly beautiful place.


Duck is bustling with activity all year long as it is a popular spot for tourists as well as those who are vacationing along the Outer Banks.  There are a wide variety of activities available in the ocean and on the sound for those who enjoy the water.


Ocracoke Island


The beautiful and remote island of Ocracoke can only be reached by boat or aircraft.  As part of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, it is the southernmost of the Outer Banks island chain, it has been recently voted as one of the best beaches of North America and for good reasons. 


Ocracoke island offers a wide variety of attractions and activities that are sure to please any and everyone who has the good fortune of vacationing there.  With the placid waters of Pamlico sound on the west side and the waves of the Atlantic lapping the eastern shore, there are definitely plenty of options for those who love the water and water related activities.  Ocracoke Island has over sixteen miles of natural wilderness beaches for you to explore and admire.  There are also a large number of campgrounds available for those wishing to be close to nature.  For those who love boating and fishing there are charter boats that are available as well.  Birdwatchers will also love Ocracoke island as there are several species that migrate through the area.