Best Beaches of Oahu


Oahu is the third biggest island of the Hawaiian Islands and it is the most heavily populated of the islands boasting a whopping seventy-five percent of the entire population of the state of Hawaii.  Waikiki is a very popular vacation destination that is highly favored by tourists, but there are many other wonderful places to visit on Oahu.  This island is a virtual haven of beautiful beaches.


Listed below are a few of the best beaches that you definitely don’t want to miss if you are visiting the beautiful island of Oahu.  On Oahu you will find a wide variety of activities and opportunities for some serious rest and relaxation as well as adventurous fun in the Hawaiian sun.



Lanikai Beach


LanikaiLanikai Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it is without a doubt one of the most spectacular in all of Hawaii.  With its glittering white sands and pristine clear blue waters, Lanikai beach is an ocean lovers dream come true.  The beautiful scenery and spectacular views attract many photographers to the marvelous sandy shores.  Swaying palms and two nearby neighboring islands visible in the distance all help to make Lanikai one of the most picturesque beaches in the world.


The clear waters of Lanikai beach make it ideal for swimming and especially snorkeling.  In fact, many of the locals will be happy to tell you that they consider Lanikai to be the best beach for swimming.  So if you enjoy picturesque scenery that includes powdery white sands, swaying palms, and clear blue waters, then you may just hear Lanikai Beach calling you to visit.


Kailua Beach Park


Kailua is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on all of Oahu.  It offers a little bit of everything from relaxing fun in the sun to all kinds of ocean recreational activities such surfing and swimming.  The fine sand of this beach makes it perfect for lying in the sun as well as all kinds of other beach recreation imaginable.  The Kailua area is also world renowned for being an excellent spot for wind surfing.  You can purchase and/or rent both lessons and windsurfing equipment at local businesses.


So if you are into surfing, windsurfing, or are simply looking for a fun and/or relaxing day at the beach, then perhaps Kailua Beach is the vacation destination for you.


Waikiki Beach


WaikikiWaikiki is Hawaiian for “Sprouting Water”.  Waikiki Beach is a world renowned beach and because of this people from all over the globe flock to its sandy shores.  There are a wide array of hotels and tourist attractions located along this 2 miles stretch of beach and because of its popularity it is almost always crowded.  If you are looking to be where the people are then Waikiki is the beach for you.  With plenty of restaurants and places to shop, there is certainly plenty of things in Waikiki to keep an entire family busy  There are also a wide array of beach and ocean activities you can do such as swimming, surfing, body boarding, boogie boarding, and much, much more.